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Postdoctoral Fellowship -- * Position OPEN! *

The position Within the Framework of the "Severo Ochoa -- Centre of Excellence" accreditation, six (6) fellowships for two-year post-doctoral contracts are available at the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM -- CSIC) @ Barcelona. The ICM is the largest centre for multi-disciplinary marine science in Spain, with a leading role in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. This call will be open from May 7th to June 20th 2021 @ 23:59h CET . Before applying please check the full application
The lab Institute of Marine Sciences @ Barcelona (CSIC)
Your profile - PhD in physics, mathematics, engineering, computer sciences, oceanography, theoretical biology, or related disciplines
- Strong computer skills in Matlab, Python, R and/or FORTRAN; parallel computing, HPC clusters under Unix/Linux OS
- Creative and problem solving thinking with an interest in computational approaches, scientific writing
We offer - Research position and salary funded through MICIU research grant
- Full-time 24 month fixed-term appointment with social security
- An interdisciplinary, innovative and dynamic environment (ICM)
- Research stays at other institutions: MIT, JAMSTEC, CNRS
- Research fund of 12,000 euros for the two years
- Flexible time-schedule
- Health insurance
- Bike commuting
- Paid holidays
- Career path
Salary 38K euros / year
Apply - Research proposal
- Curriculum vitae (CV)
- PhD thesis manuscript (pdf)
- Letters of reference (up to three)
- Host group: Plankton Ecology
- Name of PI: Pedro A. Cermeno
- Research lines: Current research in my laboratory includes i) implementing ocean ecosystem models with plankton evolution, ii) understanding the mechanisms underlying the diversification of marine life, iii) exploring the potential of microalgae for bio-jet fuel production, and iv) making our knowledge of ocean biology available to society in order to achieve a healthier planet.
- webpage: [ WEBPAGE ]
- Apply: [ APPLY ]
Deadline This position is open until 20th June 2021 @ 23:59h (CET) (*)
Contact - Pedro Cermeno (pedrocermeno@icm.csic.es)
- Sergio Vallina (sergio.vallina@ieo.es)
- oglab
Summary The objective of the ICM Postdoctoral Fellowships "Severo Ochoa" (PF-SO) is to attract outstanding international early career researchers working on highly inter-disciplinary topics related to ICM's "Research Challenges / Emerging Research Areas / Transversal Methodologies", in order to complement the current ICM research portfolio. The call is open to PhD holders from various scientific backgrounds that can provide scientific complementarity to any of the ICM research lines. The successful Postdoctoral Fellowships "Severo Ochoa" (PF-SO) will be hired as a two-year "Doctor FC3" contract and will be also granted a research fund of 12,000 euros for the two years. The candidates should have a high level profile allowing them to potentially get tenure track or even permanent positions at ICM after the Postdoctoral Fellowship (PF-SO). As such, the candidates' potential to apply for long-term competitive positions in Spain such as ERC-StG, ERC-CoG, Ramon y Cajal, ICREA Senior call during the course of the postdoc (PF-SO) contract will be positively valued. Incorporation is foreseen for 01-JAN-2022, ideally. Further details of this call can be found here ( PFSO )

(∗) Updated 3rd June 2021